Bagaimana Gereja Kristen....

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on 25 October 2017
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Bagaimana Gereja Kristen meninggalkan akar ibraninya

Banyak orang Kristen menyangka bahwa Yeshua --nama asli Yesus dalam bahasa Ibrani seperti yang diberikan oleh malaikat mendirikan gereja Kristen seperti yang kita lihat sekarang ini.

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Clean And Unclean Meats

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on 04 October 2017
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Clean And Unclean Meats

By a ministry called Yah Saves


 One thing that stands out about the Jewish people is their eating habits and their refusal to

eat particular items. The world may think they carry this to the point of fanaticism.

Do they? Where did they get these restrictions? Is there scriptural basis? Do these restrictions

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